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September 28 2015


Doctors' Offices


One of the most uninviting places to go to has to be a Doctor's office. First, we normally go there because we have a pain or experience some ailment which doesn't put us in the best of moods to start with, but to add insult to injury, you must contend with the peculiarities in the doctor's office staff, a very cold group of workers who will be more concerned with processing you like an order as opposed to treating you like a human-being. On your first trip to a doctor's office, you happen to be bombarded with a substantial volume of paperwork in triplicate, that we guess we have to thank our lawyer friends for. I visited a fresh doctor recently and was overwhelmed by the paperwork. There have been more waivers of rights than there was clearly anything pertaining to my medical history. I felt like I became more in an attorney's office than the usual doctor's. - Santa Clarita Doctors Office

The decor of doctors' offices are basically the same which is pretty plain, with outdated or irrelevant magazines to read, and a whiff of isopropyl alcohol in the air. I find patients within the waiting room often keep to themselves and do not like to engage in conversation, maybe because they're embarrassed by their ailment or maybe because they only speak a foreign language. When you attempt to strike up a conversation with someone, they appear at you like they are being interrogated from the FBI or border patrol. For the walls of the office will be the doctor's degrees and certificates that happen to be intended to impress you. Some doctors tend to overdue it though while they frame everything from their college degree to their safety patrol or bar mitzvah certificates.

I suppose what irritates me the most though is making a consultation with a doctor that he or she rarely keeps. If I have got an appointment, medical or else, I tend to arrive a short while early as I don't especially like to be late. But doctors' really do not care about your time, even though you may take time off from attempt to visit them. I've a real problem with this while i wouldn't treat my customers using this method. If the doctor is late, my impatience slowly brews until I can not take it anymore and storm outside (I've done this on multiple occasion), and frankly, If only more people would do this. The office staff then endeavors to threaten you that they will still bill you to the appointment, which is actually a veiled threat. I just point out the time in their mind, and threaten to bill them in my lost time. I just can't understand why after practicing medicine for so long, they can't make a simple schedule and make it. Everybody else does. If you ask me, its a sign of disrespect. - Santa Clarita Doctors Office

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